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Listed below are our most frequently asked questions, if you are unable to find your answer please contact us via email or telephone and we will answer your question.

How could I save money buying a new caravan without part exchanging?

Many caravan dealers will now give huge discounts on new caravan sales where the customer does not have a part exchange. Thus by selling your caravan to us you could be in the position to negotiate a massive discount saving you lots of money!

I cannot find my caravan on the website?

We carry an extensive data base of touring caravans but it could be that you own a caravan that has been named for a specific caravan retailer or we would need to speak to you to value an imported brand i.e. Hobby

What year is my caravan? From 1992 the CRiS scheme was introduced, a 17 letter and digit serial (VIN) number and it is on the windows and chassis, normally visable on the A frame. The 10th letter or digit denotes the model year, for example, SGDS000EX9XXXXXXX denotes a 2009 model.
N (1992) P (1993) R (1994) S (1995) T (1996) V (1997) W (1998) X (1999) Y (2000) 1 (2001) 2 (2002) 3 (2003) 4 (2004) 5 (2005) 6 (2006) 7 (2007) 8 (2008) 9 (2009) A (2010) B (2011) C (2012) D (2013) E (2014) F (2015) G (2016) H (2017)  

What if I have outstanding finance on my caravan?

If you have outstanding finance on your caravan we are able to clear this for you direct to your finance provider. We are able to obtain settlement figure's from most major caravan finance providers to make the transaction quick and simple. Our customer care team will discuss these options with you upon acceptance of our offer.

Why can't I have cash for my caravan?

For safety and security we pay for your caravan by immediate bank transfer. This is a simple, quick and secure transaction allowing our customers to draw upon the money almost immediately.

How could I be paid for my caravan?

When we purchase a caravan we will pay the monies direct into the owners bank account. The transaction is quick, simple and secure, allowing you to be able to draw on the money almost immediately.

What happens if I miss a dent or a scratch?

All of our valuations are based on your caravan being in good condition for it's age. An honest description is what we are after! Upon acceptance of our offer a member of our staff will arrange to appraise your caravan to confirm a match with the information that we have been given. If you have any concerns or queries over the condition of your caravan please do not hesitate to contact us via either e-mail or telephone.

How long will it take?

After you accept our offer, a member of our staff will arrange a suitable time with yourself to either book the caravan in for a home visit or a delivered slot. Our aim is to complete all of our purchases within 24 to 48hrs of accepting our offer.

If you cannot find the answer then please don't hesitate to contact us, either by email or call us on 01228 562828

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