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Firstly we will need a few details from you first before we can make you an instant offer. Our online caravan valuation is very simple and easy to use.

Stage 1

Please enter your email address and postcode. Then simply select the make, range, model and year of your caravan in the 'Get An Instant Valuation' box at the top left of the page. Click on 'Get Valuation' and this will take you on to the next step of the process.

Stage 2

We now require information with regards to the condition of your touring caravan and any accessories included. An accurate description is required to help generate your online caravan valuation.

Stage 3

We now require a little information about you. This will allow our purchasing team to contact you. Your details will not be passed to any third parties, for further information please see our privacy policy.

Stage 4

You will now be given three options, either Offer A 'accept and we arrange the collection', Offer B 'accept and deliver to us' or Decline our offer. If you choose to accept an offer you will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange an appointment to inspect your caravan and discuss the offer. After the inspection process and you accepting this offer, arrangements will be made to transfer the money in to your bank account.

Our process is possibly the easiest to use within the UK when selling a caravan. To begin to sell a caravan you will need to know what year your caravan is so that you can select it from our database. The year of your touring caravan can be found in the VIN number that is on the caravan's documentation, on the window's and stamped into the A frame. To enable you to find out how much your caravan is worth look for the tenth letter or digit in the VIN number. CRiS registration started from 1992 with the letter N denoting the model year. 1993 is P, 1994 is R, 1995 is S, 1996 is T, 1997 is V, 1998 is W, 1999 is X and 2000 is Y. From 2001 to 2009 the letter on the caravan VIN changed to a number and from 2010 it reverted back to letters begining from A.

So to gain an acurate valuation for you to sell caravan please select the Make, Model, Range and the available years of production will be shown. Simply selct which model year your touring caravan is and you are on your way to selling a caravan to possibly the best U.K. caravan buyers!

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