A Guide For Maintaining A Caravan

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Although we are not service agents we have added in this guide as often we come across customers who have not been told to have their caravan serviced annually. 


We recommend that every caravan is serviced annually by an approved caravan engineer. A caravan should be treated like your second home and a road worthy vehicle at the same time. Your touring caravan will have gas & electrical appliances that will need an annual safety check no different to appliances & gas boilers in your own home. The breaks and running gear should also be checked as a matter of safety as the caravan could be travelling at 60mph behind the car that you and your family are in. This to us is common sense as you and your families safety could be reliant upon it.


Should you wish to find a list of approved engineers in your area our sister site www.nationwidecaravanninguk.com has a comprehensive list in it's caravan servicing section.


The other aspects that an engineer will check is for any signs of water ingress. Water ingress can be one of the biggest depreciating factor of a caravans value, although material wise the cost is not normally too expensive the cost of the labour can at times run into significant sums dependant upon how long the damp issue takes to fix.


The other main reason for having the caravan serviced every year is to keep any manufacturer or retailer warranties in place. Often we deal with sellers who have not been told the implications of this and the effect that it can have on a caravans value if the caravan warranties have been allowed to expire.


Should you require any further information on maintenance issues and the effect it could have on your caravan a member of our team will quite happily provide as much assistance as we can.