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Below we are sharing our knowledge on buying and selling caravans, a list of free guides to help you answer any questions that you may have.

There are many different ways that you could choose to sell your caravan. In our guide we will cover all of the main options that are available from selling to ourselves, selling privately through our sister site or a site like Autotrader, Gumtree or Preloved. Our guide will also give information should you choose to sell via an auction site or choose an option to have a company sell your caravan on your behalf. Click on the above link to access our knowledge.

With our knowledge and experience of the caravan industry we have put together an extensive guide on purchasing a caravan. There are predominatly two options available which are either to purchase privately or from a dealer. Our guide will give you hints and tips on both options to help your ensure that your purchase runs smoothly from start to finish. We cover touring and static caravan purchases, simply click upon the above link.

Currently the only availble caravan price guide is limited to Glass Guide which is only availble to the trade. Within our caravan price guide we will give you information to help you determine the value of your caravan. Our caravan value guide will cover all available permutations from selling to National Caravan Buyer, a private sale value, part exchange valuation to a retail forecourt price. To access our comprehensive guide click on the link above. 

We have included a caravan maintenance guide within our directory as it can have a great baring upon buying, selling and caravan values. Often we speak to our customers who are unaware of the importance of maintaining and servicing their caravan. Within this section our expert staff will give valuable hints and tips as to why this is important and the effects that it can have on residual values. Within the guide we will provide information on the importance of a well maintained caravan. Click on the link above to access our guide.